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Barry Lebost's Poetry

Barry Lebost's poetry has evolved over the years but his earlier work remains interesting.


The Past is Always Here Copyright 2001

9/11 Memorial

The Lesson of the Fossil

by Barry Lebost

Graphics by Paxdora




The sun shines brilliant yellow

When it meets the bright blue sky.

Just add clear water

Winter’s Brave

by Barry Lebost 2012

Here’s to the brave heroes never to get credit

Who, like squirrels that hide their acorns in autumn

Check their plows and split their wood With visions of howling wind and snows relentless fall


Not from fear of nature’s might

But rather from an inner sight

That whispers one with the universe

A smile

Brute cold gray days to come

Entering the dark tunnel

That turns clocks backwards

That makes skies blacker

Quiet but for wind chimes

Fireplace safe and warm inside

Partners share and bond together Chanting to the candle light

Time seems forever still

Until the melting snow

The sun's returning glow

Brings warmth upon the cheeks

Water filling streams and creeks

And then one day thought

Never to arrive

A robin sings to say goodbye…to winter


The Bodhisattva Strives For…

(By me) 1/30/13

Being grateful for gratitude

Living gratitude and reverence for my life

To all and everyone and everything that

made and makes it so

Pure unadulterated appreciation

Understanding the odds to be here now

Assuming the burden of all historical truth

Assuming responsibility for universal


Creating value now

Crying for all the pain of the living

Crying for all who have died

Rejoicing for all happiness

Loving all- including hatred

Seeing yourself in all that is outside self

Seeing all of outside within yourself

Seeing a connection to all of life

Past, present and future

Seeing life’s connection to everything un-living

Contemplating all, listening to all, speaking to all

Being one with the universe

Doing all of the above- All in one moment of time.

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