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How to Fight Zika...

Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever...and more.


Mosquitoes are not born with disease, they get it from humans. A mosquito carrying disease cannot transmit the disease to other mosquitoes. The only way mosquitoes get disease is by biting humans. When a mosquito retrieves infected blood it will take days before she can infect another human. She has to lay eggs and mate again first. Just like today is the first day of the rest of your life, the infected mosquito becomes the first link in a new chain of disease that can infect thousands or more humans in the future. Each infected person can potentially be bitten by a dozen mosquitoes setting up a dozen new chains of infection.

Therefore, keeping that infected person indoors and away from mosquitoes is essential. A Lebost-Evarcha mosquito trap placed next to that ill person can prevent any mosquito (that bites that person) from ever leaving the room alive. She will seek stagnant water to lay her eggs and get caught in the Evarcha Web. These traps can potentially capture every infected mosquito that bites an ill person if the traps are placed in the same room as the ill person. So trap placement is critical in stopping the chain of disease.

This is the simplest, least expensive, safest, and environmentally friendly way of stopping spreading chains of disease.

Each infected person creates untold misery to a family. It also creates an average loss to local economies of over $2000 (USD) for diseases such as Dengue and Chikungunya but can run into the millions of dollars to care for a genetically deformed child from Zika. An Evarcha Trap costs about $10 (USD). Also, Zika can make laboratory mice infertile.

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