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Barry Lebost

The Universal Properties of Acceleration
Accelerated Concentric Radial Expansion Theory (ACRET)
How The Expanding Universe Creates Gravity
 How Gravity Actually Works
Heavens Door Publications
Movie: A Brief Conversation With Albert Einstein starring Carl Reiner as Albert Einstein

The Lebost Oviposition Gravid Mosquito Trap
Inexpensively Captures The Most Dangerous Mosquitoes
Without Chemical Pesticides
Captures The Mosquitoes That Cause Dengue Malaria Chikungunya and West Nile

The Lebost Wind Turbine
NYU and NYSERDA Tested
Mixed Flow Vertical Axis Diffuser Augmentor
Operates From Omnidirectional Fluid Flow 
Both Water and Wind

Millbrook Mountain Hydro Electric System
Installed 6Kw Micro Hydro System in
The Shawangunk Mountains of New York

Barry Lebost is an American inventor who invented
A simple inexpensive mosquito trap to fight Malaria, Dengue, West Nile and several other vector diseases.
He also invented
 a fluid turbine that became the largest and first novel urban design wind turbine to be installed in a major world city. (See photo below).
Barry Lebost devised a theory that states that Albert Einstein should have stuck with Exactness in describing the relationship between gravity and inertia rather than contriving Equivalence.
The theory is described in a short movie and a book that he has produced and written.


The Universal Properties of Acceleration
Barry Lebost has discovered that no separate laws for gravity are needed. The Universal Properties of Acceleration bring us a step
closer to a unified theory.
Lebost found that the acceleration of gravity works exactly the same on Earth as it does in space.
See the 15 minute "trailer" on YouTube.
Barry Lebost powers his home from gravity and in 2011 produced over 35,000 kilowatt hours of electricity for lighting, heat and domestic hot water from a stream adjacent his home.

The new book
Universal Properties of Acceleration 2nd Ed./
How Gravity Actually Works is
Now Available at Amazon.com with free video companion.

ALBERT EINSTEIN Starring Carl Reiner as Albert Einstein (15min.)

Patents US and Canada
NYSERDA Supported
Tested at NYU

Clean Renewable Energy
Micro-Hydro Engineering

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